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Highly skilled video editor who can tell stories creatively and efficiently


I have been at KOFY TV since January 2011. In that time I have worked on shows from The Big Dish, Creepy KOFY Movietime and Dance Party. Other long format segments have included the Oakland Zoo and Retro Night.


My strongest passion is film. One of the biggest challenges I gave myself was to produce a feature film. Here is the trailer.


Posted are some of samples of larger budget commercials I created. I have produced spots with large and small budgets. As you explore the Vimeo links, you will see what role I had on each project.


Below are links to documentaries I have worked on. Watch historical images from the devestating 1906 earthquake and what happened in Santa Rosa, California.

900 Front St. 

San Francisco, CA 94111

Film // Video Editor

Avid // Final Cut Pro // Premiere



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